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Picture of Fall decorations provided by the FFA students that shows plants, corn, hay, pumpkins, and a stalk

Thrive Today, Grow Tomorrow...

We are heading into the home stretch of 1st semester and self-care becomes extremely important for our students to move through the rest of the semester with strong mental health.  We want to remind our students, families, and staff to take care of themselves as we move toward finals and then to Winter Break to spend time with family and rest.  If we can assist you in any way, please reach out!

In a recent lesson about Failure with BSS's Thrive Today, Grow Tomorrow Program:

A class highlight shared by a teacher—This is a student’s advice to the class… Life isn't always colorful and bright. Sometimes, you'll find yourself in situations that see you not achieving what you wanted to achieve. Who knows how often you fail at this goal? However, the thing a person must know is that failure occurs in everyone, from the brightest scientist to the most dramatic actor/ress to the average Joe in everyday life. Failure doesn't define a person's potential. In fact, it helps it, as one can learn from the mistakes and try again. You can't let failure get underneath your skin, and you have to be open to criticism, as it allows a way for you to grow and get better at something.”


Upcoming Events:

Mama Mia!                                    November 16-18

Thanksgiving Break                 November 23-25

Orchestra Concert                   December 8

ACT Test                                          December 10

Band Concert                               December 13

Choir Concert                              December 15

AFJROTC Military Ball           December 17

Winter Break                               December 22-January 4




Semester 1 Finals Schedule

All full-day schedules from 7:25-2:15

December 19th,  Hour 7 Final only @12:40-2:15 (hours 1-6 prior)

December 20th, Hours 2, 4, and 6 Finals

December 21st, Hours 1, 3. and 5 Finals


Activities Calendar